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Sunday afternoon
March 9, 2009, 2:41 am
Filed under: Health and Medicine, Personal, Politics

It’s raining.  Better then snow and freezing cold.  I’m listening to “Sanctuary” a Windam Hill collection of selected artists.  It’s been a long week but very productive. 

I have been watching from the sidelines issues that are being debated in the news and on capitol hill but have become so frustrated that I am starting to speak up and speak out.  When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s, I was pretty active in lobbying and pushing for change.  The first thing I pushed on was awareness about suicide among gay and lesbian youth.  When Bill Clinton took office and began to talk about lifting the ban on gays in the military, I became very vocal in support of that. 

In the late 90’s I was busy with work and a business that my ex and I had opened and the stress associated with a business venture.  I let go of some of the activist bent I had a few years earlier.  Oh yeah, I still supported special causes and organizations with money and some time, but not like the volunteering I had done earlier.

Today, I have three special causes that I focus my attention on.  Most of this blogging space will be devoted to these.  They are important to everyone and I recognize there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other vital causes.  The causes and organizations I have supported in the past still receive my attention and support.  In fact one of these causes, HIV/AIDS, I have supported for 20 years.  Far less time than other people, but I was only 22 and just coming out.  At that time I was focused on equal rights and recognition for gay men and women.

In addition to HIV/AIDS, I am supportive of organizations that address breast cancer.  It strikes one in every 8 women in this country including one of my all-time favorite students.  She is still alive and doing well and I am so thankful for this.  I would like to see a day where, if we cannot eliminate breast cancer, we will be able to effectively treat it and allow these brave women to lead full lives with their families and friends. 

The current cause that I will push for until it either happens or I die will be healthcare reform.  Too many people are delaying care because of an inability to pay.  Even though there are programs available, some are too proud to seek out government assistance.  Worse many are not even aware of what government assistance is available.  I am convinced that a single-payer system is what needs to be implemented in this nation.


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