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Utah to Arizona #20, Arizona Senate Bill 1062
March 1, 2014, 1:12 am
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More thoughts on Arizona’s consideration of S. 1062!

Rebecca Guevara, A voice of occasional reason.

Beautiful cactus at a nursery to make my own. Beautiful cactus at a nursery to make my own.

“How can you move to Arizona?” more than one person asked as I prepared to move from Utah. Full of anticipation for a new perfect house, lots of sun, beautiful cactus, and adventure on every roadway out of town, I listened.

They explained, “It’s so hateful against Mexicans, really everyone who isn’t male, white, and balding, they’re all crazy gun-toting extremists, the summers are too hot, the landscape is barren, Phoenix hasn’t any style.”

Depending on the perspective, all of their criticisms were valid. And they are all also wrong. I’m writing this because Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, recently vetoed Senate Bill 1062 which was supposed to protect the right of a company to refuse service to anyone based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Ya right.

The firestorm that developed from that unthought-out bill was well deserved and thank you very…

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